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Images and Viewing Room for this exhibtiion will be live Tuesday, July 14


303 Gallery is pleased to announce our reopening and a new thematic group exhibition, entitled Alien Landscape. The exhibition will be on view in the gallery’s physical space and simultaneously presented as an online Viewing Room, with an extended selection of works.

Alien Landscape brings together a variety of contemporary approaches to depicting the natural world and beyond. The artists in this exhibition confront the vastness of their subject matter by directing our attention toward a particular vista, phenomenon, plant or creature to be considered anew. Conspicuously absent are people themselves, though traces of human intervention and technology appear. Rendering terrain both observed and invented, these works reframe our perspective, while in turn cultivating a heightened awareness of ourselves as just a small part of a big planet— one that requires our attention and care.


Visits to the gallery require an advance appointment, available in 30-minute time slots for up to 2 people at a time.

We ask all visitors to wear a mask and adhere to social distancing requirements.  
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ARTIST LIST ( * exhibiting online only)

Doug Aitken

Katinka Bock*

Chioma Ebinama

Sam Falls

Hans-Peter Feldmann

Ceal Floyer*

Maureen Gallace

Tim Gardner

Dominique Gonzalez Foerster & Joi Bittle*

Kim Gordon*

Rodney Graham*

Mary Heilmann

Jeppe Hein*

Larry Johnson*

Matt Johnson

Jacob Kassay*

Karen Kilimnik

Friedrich Kunath

Alicja Kwade*

Elad Lassry*

Tala Madani

Florian Maier-Aichen*

Nick Mauss*

Mike Nelson*

Kristin Oppenheim*

Marina Pinsky*

Eva Rothschild*

Collier Schorr*

Stephen Shore

Sue Williams

Jane & Louise Wilson