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If adolescence were show business, then young guys would be Las Vegas. Every gesture over- determined, every pose struck with the kind of confidence that comes from knowing at a certain time, one can do no wrong.


So here is a collection of young men. Wrestlers, high jumpers, cadets, Germans, bystanders.  A young man in training is a fortress, a temple unto himself. Each one is very good at what they do. But just what they do isn’t always easy to determine. The movement is key. The picture is of the way that movement is performed for the camera. A coy stare is just as aggressive as a bloody nose, for the paradox of boyhood is that huge freedom is often tempered by convention.


Each photograph is a description while a super 8mm film offers an approximation. Edited in camera, it is as much an amassment of snapshots as it is a moving picture. It is about this moment. A soldier is relieved of duties for a brief moment to visit a girlfriend. The army base is Bismarck, Kaserne, located in a small town in Germany. The 2:45 second film has two soundtracks, one a truncated instrumental and the other a collision of two anthems.


Press Release written by Collier Schorr.