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303 Gallery is proud to present our second exhibition of new work by Eva Rothschild. Using formal sculpture, photography and found objects, Rothschild creates an associative conversation in which object and format are repeated and varied guiding us towards the possibility of multiple but simultaneous meaning.


“Us Women (New York”) is a totem of beaded rounds rising from the floor towards the ceiling. Obliquely representational, the ostensible heads are charged with the impasse between a new tribalism and formalism. “Tombstones" navigates parallel territory, with heavy, blunt polygons fitted into each other’s contours and inverted on themselves. Imbued with a certain ritual or allegorical character, they appear as monuments, while simultaneously echoing starkly modernist sculptural concerns.


Three plaster wrapped, twisted cloud sculptures stand on single upright stands. Virtual landscape elements, they exist autonomously, formal meditations on natural order. For “Temptation Island,” a Persian rug is laid on the floor of the gallery and painted a pure deep black. Substituting a consummate negation of adornment for the usual ornately meretricious design of the traditional object, Rothschild makes a metaphorical nod to minimalist tendencies, while at the same time acknowledging the cosmic power of ceremonial convention.


Eva Rothschild has had recent solo exhibitions at the Hepworth Wakefield, West Yorkshire; Stuart Shave/Modern Art, London; Modern Institute, Glasgow; La Conservera Centro de Arte Contemporaneo, Murcia, Spain; South London Gallery, London and Kunsthalle Zurich, Switzerland. She was awarded the Duveen Commission in 2009 at the Tate Britain, London, and earlier this year showed a large-scale sculpture titled “Empire” at New York’s Central Park in collaboration with the Public Art Fund.