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Evidence would suggest that someone has been sleeping in Hans-Peter Feldmann’s third show at 303 Gallery. An unmade bed, a night stand, and a chair with a jacket and scarf draped over it are more than enough to state that something out of the ordinary, and yet very familiar, is happening.


This “lived in” feeling is further asserted by a row of worn left shoes belonging to each of the gallery staff, which Feldmann has gathered. To complete this illogical soliloquy, the artist has pinned to the walls a group of travel photos from the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s; all views taken out of hotel room windows. In one sense the installation is representative of home, while the “views” are of far away transitory places. Home and away seem almost interchangeable, the aura’s of both find new meaning through contemplative arrangements.


Feldmann’s career, which began in 1968, has influenced two generations of artists. In his consistent style, he continues to recontextualize familiar objects by cataloging the commonplace, giving it new meaning and significance.