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The 303 gallery is please to announce the first solo show by Karen Kilimnik. The show will consist of a large installation covering a variety of themes, ranging from suicide and drugs to schoolyard massacres to Napoleonic battles.


Kilimnik wishes to recreate, not the actual events, but rather their TV likenesses. It is the theatrical processes of depiction and distillation that interest her. For Kilimnik, the world, and especially its more public and glamorous manifestations, cannot be gazed at directly. To be understood at all it must be paraphrased, or represented by a two dimensional counterpart. However, her work is not a critique of this process but a celebration. She works to make solid, physical, and three dimensional, not the original, but its stunted partial replica. Through a shamanistic wish-fulfillment she makes real the resemblance of real.


Walking through a Kilimnik installation one walks through a "scene of the crime" created in the mind of the obsessed fan; preoccupied, incomplete, and unrequited.