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Curated by Jacob and Jens Hoffmann

Opening Reception Friday, June 29, 6:00-8:00pm


Participating Artists:


Chico Marx

Marcel Duchamp

Groucho Marx

Jack Goldstein

Gummo Marx

Rodney Graham

Harpo Marx
Tim Lee
Zeppo Marx

Richard Prince


303 Gallery will present Marxism, an exhibition that examines the sociopolitical impact of the rebellious humor of the Marx Brothers - Chico, Groucho, Gummo, Harpo, and Zeppo - in relation to artwork by a gang of five contemporary artists - Marcel Duchamp, Jack Goldstein, Rodney Graham, Tim Lee and Richard Prince. The Marx Brothers are known for their subversive satire that cleverly addresses political and social issues with a touch of slapstick or a "honk honk" of Harpo's horn. Their beloved films continue to make people laugh with their particular brand of anarchic humor, where everything is taken literally and humor acts as a defense against the woes of the world. From Groucho's iconic mustache, glasses, and cigar to Chico's phony Italian accent and Harpo's squeaky walking stick, the Marx Brothers are unparalleled entertainers immortalized for their wit and use of simple props to address topics ranging from love and war to show business with a staunchly anti-authoritarian stance. Duchamp, Goldstein, Graham, Lee and Prince are similar innovators and provocateurs in the world of contemporary art, who have made work that relates to or references themes in the Marx Brothers' oeuvre. The exhibition will present works by each of the four artists as well as a large collection of historical material relating to the Marx Brothers, including films, photographs, records and props.