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Jeppe Hein | All Your Wishes

Dozens of colorful and reflective balloon-shaped steel sculptures by artist Jeppe Hein are distributed throughout Terminal B, as if released into the air and allowed to float to the ceiling in defiance of gravity. Dispersed around every corner like a fairytale breadcrumb trail, Hein’s brilliantly playful balloons invite viewers to look skyward and embrace their sense of wonder. At floor level, Hein’s witty and whimsical bench sculptures reinvent a familiar form of public seating, turning a functional object into a lyrical and evocative work of art. Three bright red benches curve, loop, and twist to form an irresistible invitation to spontaneous expression and social connection. Providing for a moment of respite to countless travelers, Hein’s benches offer new perspectives on ourselves, each other, and the spaces we have in common.