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Grand opening on Wednesday 19th September, from 6pm to 9pm

Exhibition curator : Xavier Franceschi


The frac île-de-france presents at le Plateau the first exhibition of Elad Lassry in France. Born in Tel Aviv in 1977, Elad Lassry lives and works in Los Angeles. Spanning photography, film and sculpture, his work questions the relationship between object and representation.


Since 2007, Lassry has been building an image bank, a collection of pictures that he commonly refers to as ‘units’. His units presented themselves as ‘sculptures which happened to be pictures' and gave as much importance to the ‘objecthood’ of the picture as to the image itself. Summoning key art-historical tropes and addressing a wide range of subjects, they took the form of hermetic image-objects, which were simultaneously familiar and strangely contemporary, both ‘irritating and seductive'


At le Plateau, Lassry presents a new series of photographs and sculptures in which subtle, yet conceptual shrewd strategies open up a flexible space where each photograph is invariably reminiscent of another, endlessly replaying the function and meaning of the objects they represent. From an unassigned fashion shoot, a reef fish supply facility, to a photographic darkroom experimentation, Lassry’s photographs are shot on an almost extinct technology (8 “x 10” camera). The artist thus combines analogue technology with the dematerialisation of the image, an anxiety-provoking phenomenon whereby the image is deprived of its physical qualities and becomes omnipresent in the form of data. By doing so, he encourages us to ask: What do we see? And how do we see it?