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Alicja Kwade - The Void of the Moment in Motion - PUBLICATIONS - 303 Gallery

With her instal­la­tion “Die bewegte Leere des Moments” (The Void of the Moment in Motion), Alicja Kwade opens up a space of its own for the viewer, a space that offers possi­bil­i­ties for new perspec­tives and consid­er­a­tions, increases the viewer’s powers of concen­tra­tion, and sharpens all his senses. What do time, motion, and space mean for the indi­vidual? To what extent do scien­tific find­ings provide orien­ta­tion and support in this specific constel­la­tion?


Edited by Matthias Ulrich and Max Hollein. With a preface by Max Hollein and an essay by Dona­tien Grau.


German/English edition

64 pages, 32 color illus­tra­tions,

Heimann & Schwantes, Berlin; Hirmer Verlag, Munich,

ISBN 978-3-7774-2442-2