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Ceal Floyer - Construction - PUBLICATIONS - 303 Gallery

Published by Verlag Moderne Kunst (2007-10-01)
ISBN 10: 3939738603 / ISBN 13: 9783939738602

Ceal Floyer has always worked with the simple things of everyday life. For Museum Haus Esters, she created her audio-piece "Construction", where instead of pictures she inserted loudspeakers into the walls, and rather than visual impressions it was sound that permeated the house: hammering, drilling, sanding, are sounds that arise when an exhibition is put in place. However, the aural material in "Construction" has been produced for this purpose and is remotely reminiscent of John Cage's atonal music. Ceal Floyer is a nominee for the Nationalgalerie Berlin Prize in autumn 2007. This title is published to accompany the exhibition Ceal Floyer: Construction at Museum Haus Esters, June 2007 - August 2007.