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Dan Graham - Beyond - PUBLICATIONS - 303 Gallery

Edited by Bennett Simpson and Chrissie Iles


This fully-illustrated catalogue accompanied the 2009 MOCA exhibition Dan Graham: Beyond, and features major essays by Bennett Simpson, Chrissie Iles, and Beatriz Colomina; short texts by Rhea Anastas, Mark Francis, Alexandra Midal, Philippe Vergne, and Mark Von Schlegell; interviews with Dan Graham by artists Rodney Graham and Nicolás Guagnini and musician Kim Gordon; and a selection of previously published articles by Dan Graham.


The catalogue presents a range of perspectives on Graham’s work, criticism, and influence, examining his oeuvre through the lenses of architecture, entertainment, rock music, science fiction, and his brief early experience as a New York gallerist, as well as focusing on specific production such as his first Pavilion Public Space/ Two Audiences (1976), films and videos, and printed matter. Generously illustrated in color and black and white.


Published by MIT Press, 2009


Softcover/ 384 pages