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Dan Graham - Mirror Landscape - PUBLICATIONS - 303 Gallery

Barbara Casavecchia, ed. Foreword by Anna Zegna, introduction by Andrea Zegna, conversation between Dan Graham, Barbara Casavecchia and Joseph Grima

Mirror Landscape weaves together a rich documentation on the design, construction and installation of Two Way Mirror / Hedge Arabesque, the pavilion created by Dan Graham for the sixth edition of “All’Aperto” (Outdoors)—the art event organized by the Fondazione Zegna and curated by Andrea Zegna and Barbara Casavecchia—with a wider overview on the relationship between artwork, viewer and landscape, which runs through the entire production of the artist. The book includes a preface by Anna Zegna, an extensive introduction by Andrea Zegna and a lively conversation between Dan Graham, Barbara Casavecchia and Joseph Grima, founder of the Space Caviar studio in Genoa and co-curator of the 2015 Chicago Architecture Biennale. “My pieces are for children’s enjoyment, like a funhouse, and a photo opportunity for parents”, explains Graham, while talking about architecture, conceptual art, country & western music, museums, botanical garden and the importance of holding hands. The volume contains also two special “chapters”: a documentary section on 5 pavilions en plein air selected by the artist, and the long essay as “Garden as Theater as Museum” (1989), translated here in Italian for the first time.


Published by Mousse Publishing
Softcover, 17 x 24 cm, 80 pages
ISBN 9788867491827