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Dance Rehearsal - Karen Kilimnik's World of Ballet and Theatre - PUBLICATIONS - 303 Gallery

Published by Mills College Art Museum
Edited by Melissa E. Feldman. Text by Melissa E. Feldman, Jörg Heiser, Apollinaire Scherr.

Dance Rehearsal explores Philadelphia-born artist Karen Kilimnik’s longstanding engagement with historical performance, in particular the romantic story ballets of the nineteenth century. These timeless tales and their protagonists have been a key inspiration for Kilimnik since the beginning of her career. The multi-disciplinary elements that bring the performances and narratives to life, including music, choreography, dance and scenery can be found reflected in the diverse styles and mediums in which Kilimnik has worked. This publication, featuring pieces from 1988 to the present, encompasses this eclectic variety in more than 60 large-scale color reproductions, from figurative drawing and painting to mixed-media mise-en-scéne installations, collage, photography and video. Dance Rehearsal also introduces Kilimnik’s more recent forays into set design and choreography and includes texts by editor, critic and curator Melissa E. Feldman and others.

HARDCOVER, 8.75 X 11.5 IN. / 96 PGS / 68 COLOR.
ISBN 9780985460006