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Doug Aitken - Electric Earth - PUBLICATIONS - 303 Gallery

Authors: Philippe Vergne is Director of The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles. Joseph Grima is an architect, writer, and editor based in Genoa, Italy. Anna Katz is the Wendy Stark Curatorial Fellow at The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles.Norman Klein is a critic, historian, and novelist.  Glenn Lowry is Director of The Museum of Modern Art, New York.


This catalogue was published in conjunction with the 2016 MOCA exhibition Doug Aitken: Electric Earth. Curated by Philippe Vergne. September 11, 2016 - January 15, 2017


From photography to architecture, and from video to spoken word, Doug Aitken has delved into a variety of art forms to create a provocative body of work. This volume surveys the full scope and depth of Aitken’s work: sound pieces, sculpture, architectural experiments, land art and happenings, which embrace a collaborative spirit across disciplines and beyond walls, to re-imagine the nature of what a work of art can be. Interspersed with hundreds of color illustrations, the book’s essays examine the plethora of ideas the artist tackles—from environmental decay to the end of linear time—and explain how and why Aitken challenges many artistic barriers.


Published by Prestel (2016)
Hardcover, 264 pages, illustrated throughout