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Doug Aitken -  - PUBLICATIONS - 303 Gallery

Published by Verlag für Moderne Kunst

Edited by Matthias Ulrich, Max Hollein. Text by Matthias Ulrich, Martin Herbert, April Lamm, Jörg Heiser, Dominic Eichler, Joseph Akel.

The spectacular film and sound pieces of Doug Aitken (born 1968) take visitors on a synaesthetic journey around the world and into themselves, in a maelstrom of expressive images and rhythmic landscapes. Published to accompany an exhibition at the Schirn, this book includes over 250 images--of sculptures, site-specific sound installation and more--offering an overview of the artist's heterogeneous oeuvre. Aitken's kaleidoscopic universe revolves around life's existential questions, without supplying simple answers. Instead, the artist lends expression to an almost naïve fascination with being human and people's sense of collectivity and cooperation. Consequently, the recent projects by the Los Angeles-based artist have redefined the exhibition format. With essays by leading curators and art writers, this accessible hardcover documents the interactive and varied work of this contemporary giant.