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Esteban Jefferson - And Here - PUBLICATIONS - 303 Gallery

"and here, is a gesture of sharing. Sometimes an utterance, the phrase points toward amassed items, precious or not, wished to be brought into a conversation with another and, in turn, announced. Is collecting records contingent on the desire to relay?
"We carried this conversation in anticipation of initiating or beginning again assemblies of our own archives— specifically of our family histories and those histories’ insertions into a larger social and political fabric. Our exchange, materialized in the form of a publication, can close and be held, or conclude, at the point of a new prompt:, where we resume gathering our respective records and modes of, and for, passing down."
—Katie Giritlian & Esteban Jefferson

This edition of 100 was printed for the second issue of prompt:, a publication initiated by Mira Dayal and Nicole Kaack. The launch eventwas held at CUE Art Foundation on October 26th, 2018. 
Katie Giritlian is an artist and researcher based in NYC. Interested in actions of memorialization and the voice(s) of the image caption, she makes work, networks and publications with images + text and organizes group listening exercises.