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Jeppe Hein - A Smile For You - PUBLICATIONS - 303 Gallery

Published by Walther König, Köln
Edited by Sara Arrhenius, Mattias Givell, Jeppe Hein, Camilla Larsson, Wiebke Petersen. Foreword by Sara Arrhenius, Mattias Givell, Elisabeth Millqvist. Text by Sara Arrhenius, Kirsty Bell, Jeppe Hein, Randall Krantz, Bjarne Villy Larsen, Kay Larson, Elisabeth Millqvist, Nadja U. Prætorius, Winnie Rode, Oliver Stilling.


Danish/German artist Jeppe Hein (born 1974) explores the theme of happiness in sculptures, drawings and installations. A Smile for You includes responses to five questions on the theme posed by Hein, and essays on happiness in art.

ISBN 9783863353834