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This catalogue has been published on the occasion of the exhibition

Jeppe Hein. Inhale - Hold - Exhale

at the Kunstmuseum Thun

March 3rd - July 29, 2018


From time immemorial breath has been closely tied to the soul and the spirit. Deep, slow breathing has a calming effect on the psyche, and breath exercises are essential components of spiritual education methods in both Christian and Eastern meditation. Breath also plays a special role for the Danish artist Jeppe Hein (*1974, Copenhagen). The exhibition Inhale – Hold – Exhale and its companion publication are the first to shift the focus onto the significance of breath as both a theme and material for art, using Hein’s practice as the prime example. The catalogue also draws an arc backward through the art history, all the way to the earliest high cultures, in which breath already had exceptional value as the seat of the life force. As well as photographs of the show and essays, the catalogue also features a conversation between Jeppe Hein and Helen Hirsch.


Editor: Kunstmuseum Thun, Helen Hirsch
Concept: Hele Hirsch, Geraldine Wullschleger, Jeppe Hein, Wiebke Petersen
Graphic Design: Studio Martin Stoecklin, with Rahel Preisig and Adrian Schnegg, Zürich

Published by Hatje Cantz Verlag