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Jeppe Hein - Nothing is as it appears - PUBLICATIONS - 303 Gallery

Nothing is as it appears is an open invitation for everyone to discover the subtle connection between the teaching of yoga and the art of the Danish artist Jeppe Hein. Practising yoga enables you to be aware of your 'being in the world with others', strengthening not only your self-awareness, but also your capacity to get in touch with your environment, with other people and finally with yourself. Jeppe Hein's art creates an equivalent experience. By juxtaposing 54 yoga positions with 54 artworks, this book creates an open dialoge by intuitive asociation. Nothing is as it appears takes you on a journey to yourself, an adaventure into the unknown.


Editor: Jeppe Hein

Concept: Catharina Förster

Design: Spine Studio

Texts: Daniela Bläsing, Catharina Förster, Wiebke Petersen, Selina Welke

Published by Koenig Books, London

ISBN 978-3-96089-623-2