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Karen Kilimnik - Drawings - PUBLICATIONS - 303 Gallery

Publisher: Edition Patrick Frey

With overheated seductive power and sultry malicious glamour Karen Kilimnik introduces us to the rituals of her second-hand yearnings and her media worship, which she proceeds to dissect in an incomparable mixture of desperate innocence, post-adolescent ingenuity, and voodoo-like humor.


“A world where supermodels converge with the super-rich—Kate Moss and Princess Di become one—and where the adult obsessions with wealth and beauty are offset by a childish preoccupation with pedigree dogs, thoroughbred horses and the Pink Panther.” (Anna Chapman, The Face)


Design: Karen Kilimnik, Hanna Williamson-Koller
Softcover, 142 pages,  136 color images
ISBN: 978-3-905509-16-8