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Katinka Bock - Zarba Lonsa, _O_O__O, Mesonya/ - PUBLICATIONS - 303 Gallery

Authors: Alexandra Baudelot, Clara Schulmann, Georgina Jackson, Aisha Sasha John, Lauren A. Wright, Kathy Noble


This publication forms the catalogue of three solo exhibitions by artist Katinka Bock in Paris, London and Toronto that where linked by the work Zarba Lonsa, which she created during her residency at Les Laboratoires d’Aubervilliers in Paris in 2016.


Particularly interested by the atmosphere of the Quatre-Chemins district where Les Laboratoires is located, Bock met with merchants near each exhibiting location to exchange one of her works for an object from each of their shops.


This gesture was the starting point of a creative process that has unfolded in several forms — sculptures, installation, films and photos. Renewing the process of this exchange-based relationship in a specific urban context for a new body of works and photographs, a second edition of the project took shape under the title _O_O__O in June 2017 at Mercer Union in Toronto. To complete the series, a last edition took place at the Siobhan Davies Studios in London under the title Mesonya/ in Fall 2017.


100 p., b&w, colour


Languages: English, French