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Kristin Oppenheim - Night Run: Collected Sound Works 1992 - 1995 - PUBLICATIONS - 303 Gallery

INFO is pleased to announce Night Run, the first collection of early sound works of Kristin Oppenheim. This 2LP release features eight pieces recorded between 1992 and 1995 in her Brooklyn studio. In each recording, Oppenheim’s voice is the sole medium, forming repetitious phrases half-sung and half-spoken to compose disciplined but haunting environments that drift back and forth, panning across the stereo field.

Over the last three decades, Kristin Oppenheim has composed vocal works not as a musician, but as an artist working in gallery and museum contexts. These immersive sound installations saturate space, touching on fragmented memory that blurs the lines between reality and abstraction. Oppenheim uses the physicality of sound to underscore the emotional tension between the absence and presence of her voice.


All tracks were written and produced by Kristin Oppenheim
Recorded at KO Studio, Brooklyn, NY between 1992 and 1995
All vocals and vocal arrangements by Kristin Oppenheim
Engineered and mixed by Tom Carden
Mastered by Jack Callahan
Photograph by Niel Frankel
Graphic design by Reece Cox
Released by INFO, Berlin in 2021
Distributed by Motto, Berlin
With special thanks to greengrassi, London