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Mary Heilmann - Seeing Things, Visions, Waves and Roads - PUBLICATIONS - 303 Gallery

In tandem with new shows and increased interest in American painter Mary Heilmann comes this artist's book. Mary Heilmann, a West Coast artist who relocated to New York in the 1990s, paints bright, abstract canvases that have been exhibited throughout the United States and Europe. Next year, she is part of a group exhibition looking at artists working in the 1980s, which begins at MCA Chicago and travels to the Walker and ICA Boston. Heilmann's works can be found in major American museum collections, such as SF MOMA, New Museum, the Whitney and AIC. This small, intensely readable book brings together Heilmann's ideas, influences, sources and interpretations; it is the latest in the annual Kienbaum Artists Book series, a joint venture of Cologne-based industrialist Jochen Kienbaum and Snoeck publishers.


Publisher: Snoeck 
ISBN 9783864420030