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Nick Mauss - Crystal Flowers - PUBLICATIONS - 303 Gallery

Crystal Flowers is a “re-publication” of the limited edition volume of Florine Stettheimer’s poetry from 1949 titled “Crystal Flowers”.  At Nick Mauss’ invitation, various artists and writers transposed Stettheimer’s poems into song or vocal interpretation for this LP compilation.  With contributions by: 
 Karl Holmqvist / Stefan Tcherepnin, Lorraine O‘Grady, Dignity Sister, Ei Arakawa / Sergei Tcherepnin, DJ Complicated, Jutta Koether, Dan Fox, Megan Francis Sullivan, David Lieske, Kim Gordon, Fanki and the Frogs, Bogdan Mooczkowsky / Vilde von Krigh / Mikael D. Brkic, Steven Warwick / Magnus Schaefer.  

Compiled by Nick Mauss between 2010 and 2012, these tracks were made by various artists, musicians, and writers at the invitation to re-iterate Florine Stettheimer's poems, published after her death in the volume "Crystal Flowers" by her sister Ettie in 1949, 'For Florine's friends and the friends of her paintings.' Cover image: invitation card for an exhibition at Galerie Neu from 10.06.2011–31.97.2011 (Lukas Duwenhögger, Nick Mauss, Birgit Megerle, Katharina Wulff, Amelie von Wulffen) designed by Manuel Raeder, featuring the photograph of Florine Stettheimer's apartment as it appears on the cover of "Crystal Flowers". Graphic Design: ITF Grafik Design, Till Sperrle. Distribution: Kompakt. Made in the EU 2012.;