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Rodney Graham - Good Hand Bad Hand (LP) - PUBLICATIONS - 303 Gallery

180-gram LP. The Vinyl Factory presents the superb album Good Hand Bad Hand from world-renowned Vancouver-based artist and musician Rodney Graham and his band. Showcasing his signature blend of rock 'n' roll, psychedelia, and folk-tinged country, and treading a fine line of deft lyricism influenced by Leonard Cohen, Neil Young, Lou Reed, and punk, Good Hand Bad Hand is perhaps Graham's most accomplished LP to date. The packaging is also pretty special, with Graham's classic self-portraiture artwork featured on bespoke silver-foiled gloss-coated outer and inner sleeves. Though Graham is best known as an artist for his films, photographs, and installations, music has been a major part of his work throughout his career; from performing with the band U-J3RK5 in Vancouver in the late 1970s through composing soundtracks for slide and film works to his performances and recordings as a singer-songwriter, including the records Rock Is Hard (2003), I'm a Noise Man, and Why Look for Good Times? (2008).