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Rodney Graham - Rock Is Hard (LP, CD) - PUBLICATIONS - 303 Gallery

Vancouver's rodney graham is a superstar of modern art and film-with countless installations at acclaimed galleries around the world spanning the last 20 years (new york, berlin, paris, rome, athens, spain, tokyo, la, london, chicago, belgium-you name it, he's been there), and a longtime notable musician born out of the classic vancouver punk and new wave scene. we are pleased to distribute this debut solo album of unique, eclectic, literate, and mature rock songcraft. names dropped around here include giant sand, meets smog, meets david bowie, meets leonard cohen...rodney's band and recording team and band is comprised of david carswell (smugglers, evaporators, also producer/engineer for the new pornographers, destroyer, tegan and sara, etc), michael ledwedge (zumpano guitarist), scott livingstone (evaporators driummer), john collins (new pornographers, evaporators, etc). k recording artist lois (maffeo) , and a host of support players adding colour via horns, banjo, impressive album, from one of canada's most talented people. comes in a beautiful full colour gatefold.