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Stephen Shore - From Galilee to the Negev - PUBLICATIONS - 303 Gallery

Stephen Shore is a pioneering photographer and influential teacher. From Galilee to the Negev is an intimate portrait of a multi-faceted place, exploring the landscape of Israel and the West Bank; its complexities and its contradictions. Shore travelled the length and breadth of the region, questioning and revealing through his camera lens. His visual inquiry explores the landscape itself and the people who live in it – the daily lives and the narratives that combine to create this fascinating place – at once beautiful and ugly, safe and hostile. A selection of texts by a diverse range of writers – who have each selected one photograph as a spring board – will be interspersed amongst the photographs, offering a gathering of voices and perspectives.


13 3/8 x 11 1/2 in
224 pp, 249 colour illustrations, 24 black and white illustrations
ISBN-13: 9780714867069
ISBN-10: 0714867063