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Katinka Bock | Rauschen

In the exhibition Rauschen the artist Katinka Bock (* 1976 in Frankfurt am Main) explores transitions and boundary areas of material, historical, social, and political spaces. In addition to 11 sculptures and installations made of natural materials such as ceramic, bronze, and wood, the central work in the exhibition, the monumental sculpture of the same name, deals with the historical site of the high-rise headquarters of the local newspaper Hannoverscher Anzeiger located next to the Kestner Gesellschaft and forms a new sculptural space out of it: the outer skin of the amorphous nine-meter-tall sculpture Rauschen (2019) consists of the original copper panels that covered the dome of this landmark of Hanover from 1928 to 2019. The newspaper becomes the main subject of the exhibition, due to the fact that the artist also turns the Hannoverscher Anzeiger high-rise and the newspaper itself into an exhibition space. The show, which was on view at the renowned exhibition venue Lafayette Anticipations in Paris last autumn, is now returning to its place of origin.