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In her readymade sculpture "Domino Effect," from 2015, the witty British conceptualist undermines the metaphorical reference of her title: she lines the game tiles up on the floor, with no space between them, so they form a tiny, solid wall along one side of the gallery. "Saw," made the same year, is a joke with a trompe-l'oeil twist. It appears that a cartoon burglar is sawing a hole through the gallery's concrete floor; in fact, there is no incision. Instead, a saw blade is held up by a small plastic mount, and the thief's circle is drawn in dark chalk. From the artist's mesmerizing new video, "Plughole," in which a roaring stream of water from a faucet seeks a perfect fit in a six-hold drain, to a grid of abstract drawings that trace the keypadpath of phone numbers in her contacts, Floyer spins everyday materials into waking dreams.

Through July 14.