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”What does it mean to be an individual now? And where are we going? I’m very interested in those kinds of core issues,” says Doug Aitken. The effect of technology on the individual and society, the accelerating mobility of information and people, and the means of coping in our rapidly changing world are all subjects which Aitken considers in his work.


“We are living in a new era, one of complete connectivity, where screen space has become seemingly equal to the physical landscape. This surreal shift in evolution brings us into uncharted waters, a new frontier, one for which we are not fully prepared. These artworks question how we navigate a world of increasing speed and transition, the direction of where we can go and how we can confront the future.”


Aitken’s first solo exhibition in Finland includes a selection of works which illustrate the wide range of the artist’s practice, including large-scale video installation and sculpture created over the past decade.

The exhibition is curated by Kiasma’s Director Leevi Haapala and Chief Curator, exhibitions João Laia.