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The premise and starting point for Marina Pinsky's artistic practice is photography and its imaging techniques – even, or especially, when her works move out of the frame and into the space, thereby acquiring sculptural characteristics. Incidents, her first institutional solo exhibition in Germany, presents a selection of works from the past five years at the Kunstverein Göttingen. Many of them have emerged in response to stays in cities, including Brussels, Basel and Riga. Removed from their original context, the works in the exhibition are set in relation to one another and provoke new perspectives within this unfamiliar constellation. At the center of the exhibition, which is set in the old town hall, is Pinsky's artistic exploration of temporality: the artist combines historical distinctions, examines the processes of timekeeping, and analyzes the duration of viewing the image as such. In many of the works, the artist processes found and collected imagery, such as technically-generated maps, shapes derived from advertising, medical images and historical photographs. Following an intuitive work process, in which she thinks with and through the camera, Pinsky abstracts and layers the found templates and combines them with photographs of their provenance, cityscapes or photographs from her studio. Images are created in which the artist stretches and extends the momentariness of an incident or photograph over time and space. The time that is necessarily spent in order to observe and perceive Pinsky's works is hence already inscribed in the artistic realization thereof. The complexity of the work makes it impossible to "consume" these images quickly and refers to the material reality of the image in a digitally-shaped present.


Curated by Tomke Braun