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Rodney Graham - Wet on Wet - PUBLICATIONS - 303 Gallery

Published by Walther König, Köln

Vancouver Conceptualist Rodney Graham defies categorization by employing multiple styles and working in diverse media including photography, film, performance, music and text. One of the most gratifying artist's books ever to grace D.A.P.'s list, Wet on Wet: My Late Early Styles presents a new body of work reflecting on the practice of painting. For Wet on Wet Graham adopts the eccentric persona of the "gifted amateur," a recurrent figure in his recent work. He presents 22 oils and one acrylic work in a variety of styles, placing painting in the context of a post-medium practice. 

Graham credits music with informing much of his work. A musician himself, he views his role as an artist as an extension of the idea of performance. His work examines social and philosophical systems of thought, in particular those derived from the transition of the Enlightenment into Modernism.

ISBN 9783865603432