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December 1, 2022
Calls from the End of the World, On Doug Aitken's Wilderness, Providence Arts & Letters, Susan L. Solomon
May 17, 2022
Artist's Questionnaire: Doug Aitken Has an Eye for Dystopia, The New York Times Style Magazine, Tom Delavan
May 12, 2022
Nowness Picks: Wilderness
April 26, 2022
Doug Aitken’s new 360-degree video looks to the horizon, with a chorus of AI voices, The Art Newspaper, Ellen Frances
February 17, 2022
Doug Aitken launches a multi-gallery VR experience, The Spaces
February 16, 2022
Doug Aitken ventures into virtual reality for globe-spanning show, The Art Newspaper, Helen Stoilas
February 15, 2022
Doug Aitken Launches Ambitious VR Exhibition Spread Across Four Galleries, Art News, Shanti Escalante-De Mattei
February 2, 2022
Doug Aitken “New Era” MCA – Museum of Contemporary Art / Sydney, Flash Art, Emily Grant
January 17, 2022
Information As Architecture: Doug Aitken Interviewed by Melissa Bianca Amore, Bomb Magazine
December 14, 2021
Doug Aitken: New Era, Time Out, Alannah Maher
November 26, 2021
How Doug Aitken, Andy Goldsworthy, and Other Artists Turned a Former Retreat for San Francisco Elites Into a Stark Reminder of Climate Change, artnet news, Julie Baumgardner
November 25, 2021
Exhibition Review: Doug Aitken – New Era, Arts Hub, Gina Fairley
November 4, 2021
"ART Doug Aitken: NEW ERA", Australian Book Review, Julie Ewington
October 22, 2021
Art finds plenty of room in Motel California for migratory animals, The Sydney Morning Herald, Neha Kale
October 22, 2021
Art finds plenty of room in Motel California for migratory animals, The Sydney Morning Herald, Neha Kale
October 2021
Doug Aitken | Art Basel Podcast - Intersections #8
October 15, 2021
Q&A: American artist Doug Aitken, Arts Hub, Gina Fairley
July 29, 2021
The Cycle of Life through the Eyes of Doug Aitken: Saint Laurent, S/S 2022, Gea Politi, Flash Art
July 19, 2021
‘My Interest Is Seeing Art Occupy New Spaces’: Doug Aitken on His First Foray Into Fashion, an Installation for Saint Laurent, Rachel Raudenbush, artnet
July 16, 2021
In Venice, Saint Laurent Holds First Physical Show Since Pandemic in Ecologically Minded Doug Aitken Installation, Angelica Villa, ARTnews
July 15, 2021
Doug Aitken Installation Sets The Stage For Saint Laurent Menswear, Ande Edmunds, Cultured
November 17 2019
Watch People Break Shit For The Environment, Haley Mellin, GARAGE
October 3, 2019
The Story of Jefferson Hack’s Exhibition, Transformer: A Rebirth of Wonder, Sophie Bew, AnOther Magazine
September 27, 2019
Julianna Barwick on expanding consciousness and the future of creativity, Gunseli Yalcinkaya, Dazed
September 27, 2019
Kelsey Lu takes us on a journey to a magical Massachusetts beachfront, Brit Dawson, Dazed
September 27, 2019
No Age’s Randy Randall on how Californian road trips changed his life, Dazed Digital
September 24, 2019
UC Davis art exhibit explores the intersection of technology and humanity, Patricia Macht, The Sacramento Bee
September 19, 2019
Jefferson Hack Announces Group Exhibition, Transformer: A Rebirth of Wonder, AnOther Magazine
September 13, 2019
doug aitken's large-scale sound artwork is activated by the sonoma landscape, nina azzarello, designboom
September 12, 2019
A massive wind chime installation comes to Sonoma, Brock Keeling, Curbed San Francisco
September 10, 2019
The Donum Estate unveils its latest commission: Sonic Mountain (Sonoma) by Doug Aitken, art daily
July 26, 2019
Floating Art Project Finishes Bay State Tour In Stockbridge, Josh Landes, WAMC
July 24, 2019
Floating into the Future with Doug Aitken, Sara Roffino, Cultured
July 22, 2019
Hot air balloon makes emergency landing on Andover roadway, John Hilliard, The Boston Globe
July 22, 2019
Up, Up And Amaze? The Audacious (And Weather Dependent) Vision Of Doug Aitken's Hot Air Balloon, Amelia Mason, WBUR The ARTery
July 21, 2019
Doug Aitken's latest work is a 100-ft-tall mirrored hot air balloon, Meredith Mendelsohn, CNN Style
July 18, 2019
Doug Aitken's mirrored balloon New Horizon flies over Massachusetts, Eleanor Gibson, dezeen
July 17, 2019
A Future World - Doug Aitken on his psychedelic trip through the skies of Massachusetts, Thomas Gorton, Dazed
July 17, 2019
Doug Aitken's 'New Horizon' Roams the Massachusetts Skies, Annie Block, Interior Design
July 17, 2019
Doug Aitken takes the scenic route across Massachusetts with mirrored hot air balloon, Joshua Fischer, Wallpaper
July 10, 2019
Taking to the skies in a mirrored hot air balloon: artist Doug Aitken is flying high, Lucy Davies, The Telegraph
June 26, 2019
Why Artist Doug Aitken Is Upending World Views and Sparking UFO Sightings This Summer, Jordan Riefe, Observer
June 3, 2019
Giant, mirrored hot air balloon to soar over Mass. this summer, with stops in the Berkshires, Amelia Mason, The Berkshire Eagle
June 3, 2019
Mirrored Hot Air Balloon Takes Flight Over Massachusetts: 'It's A Road Trip To The Sky', Regina Cole, Forbes
May 21, 2019
Fluxus in the air: Doug Aitken's hot air balloon sails above Massachusetts, Hilarie M. Sheets, The Art Newspaper
May 16, 2019
Artist Doug Aitken takes to the air, in a reflective mood, Murray Whyte, The Boston Globe
May 15, 2019
A mirrored hot air balloon will fly across Massachusetts this summer, Liz Stinson, Curbed
May 7, 2019
A Giant Mirrored Balloon Will Float Across Massachusetts This Summer, Madeline Bilis, Travel + Leisure
April 30, 2019
A Giant, Mirrored Hot Air Balloon Is Coming To Massachusetts This Summer, Amelia Mason, The ARTery
April 4, 2019
Touch the sky: Doug Aitken's hot air balloon work to lift off in Massachusetts, Gabriella Angeleti, The Art Newspaper
February 15, 2019
The 10 Best Booths at Frieze Los Angeles, Nate Freeman, Artsy
February 13, 2019
Frieze LA: Vogue’s Essential Guide, Janelle Zara, Vogue Paris
February 7, 2019
L.A. Artist Debuts New Installation "Don't Forget to Breathe", The Hollywood Reporter
February 6, 2019
This Mirror House in the Swiss Alps Is Almost Too Beautiful to Believe, Departures
October 8, 2018
Artist Doug Aitken's Stunning New Detroit Exhibit Holds a Mirror Up to the Way America Lives, Adam Rathe, Town & Country
October 5, 2018
T Suggests: Detroit’s Hall of Mirrors, the Freedom of Bare Feet and More, Rachel Wetzler, T Magazine
September 25, 2018
Doug Aitken's Newest Installation Is in a Former Detroit Bank Building, Janelle Zara, Architechtural Digest
June 18, 2018
Wish You Were Here: Spring Shows in New York, from Doug Aitken to Quay Quinn Wolf, Andrew Russeth, ARTnews
May 18, 2018
303 Gallery Will Screen Doug Aitken Video Through the Night, Andrew Russeth, ARTNews
May 14, 2018
Doug Aitken Mirrors Our Obsession with Mobile Technology, Andrea K. Scott, The New Yorker
May 3, 2018
Artist Doug Aitken Is on a Mission to Bring Us Back to Reality, Joseph Akel, L'Officiel USA
April 27, 2018
The Lowdown: shows to see during Frieze week, Robert Ayers, Ocula
April 26, 2018
12 Galleries to Visit Now in Chelsea, Roberta Smith, The New York Times
April 23, 2018
Confronting the Ubiquity of Technology with Doug Aitken, Maria Vogel, Cultured Magazine
April 23, 2018
Doug Aitken’s New Video Installation Tells the Story of the Man Behind the First Cell Phone, Rachel Hurn, Departures
April 19, 2018
Three to see: New York, Ivy Oleson, The Art Newspaper
April 19, 2018
Exhibition Review: A New Era by Doug Aitken, Ilana Jael, Musée
April 17, 2018
Artist Doug Aitken Says Life Is a Film and We're All Directing, Sarah Valdez, Garage
April 9, 2018
Weekend Cheat Sheet: April 9 - 15, 2018, Surface
April 9, 2018
Editors’ Picks: 14 Things to See in New York This Week, Eileen Kinsella, Artnet News
April 6, 2018
6 Things T Editors Like Right Now, Jamie Sims, T Magazine
April 4, 2018
Doug Aitken Drops The Bass On Cell Phone Creator Martin Cooper, Zach Andrews, Designboom
March 27, 2018
Digital Topographies, Aesthetica Magazine
February 8, 2018
Looking ‘Future Shock’ in the Face, An Exhibition Gathers Works That Picture a Society Unsettled by Technology, Tanner West, Artnet News
October 6, 2017
Motel chronicles: Doug Aitken, Iris McLister, Santa Fe New Mexican
October 6, 2017
SITE Santa Fe’s ‘Future Shock’ explores fast-changing world, Megan Bennett, Albuquerque Journal
July 13, 2017
‘End of Times; Beginning of Times’: The ARoS Triennial in Denmark Stares Down Climate Change, Nadja Sayej, Art News
July 11, 2017
Viewer and Voyeur: Doug Aitken, Mousse Magazine
June 21, 2017
Garden party: art and nature collide at ARoS' inaugural triennial in Aarhus, Natalie Rigg, Wallpaper
June 21, 2017
Electric Earth Shines, Christopher Blay, Fort Worth Weekly
June 20, 2017
Doug Aitken invites people to smash up his latest show, Niall Flynn, Dazed
June 14, 2017
Portfolio : Doug Aitken détruit la civilisation, Numéro
June 14, 2017
Maldives-bound: Aitken’s pavilions, Javier Pes, The Art Newspaper
June 13, 2017
Selections from Around Art Basel 2017, Maximilíano Durón, Art News
June 8, 2017
'Electric Earth' at the Fort Worth Modern thrills, chills and inspires, Rick Bretell, Dallas News
June 8, 2017
New Danish triennial looks at nature throughout history – in pictures, The Guardian
June 05, 2017
Doug Aitken’s Garden of Destruction, Renata Mosci, Surface
June 2, 2017
Aros Triennial unveils swathe of new commissions along five kilometres of Danish coastline, Gareth Harris, The Art Newspaper
June 2, 2017
Doug Aitken's 'Electric Earth' Is Modern Art Our Screen-Obsessed Culture Can Connect With, Jamie Laughlin, Dallas Observer
March 21, 2017
Watch Doug Aitken’s Mirrored Ranch House Transform Over Time, Karen Orton, T Magazine
February 28, 2017
This Reflective House in the California Desert Is Mind-Bending, John Gendall, Architectural Digest
February 24, 2017
Confronting the landscape: Doug Aitken’s Mirage in the California desert, The Art Newspaper, Victoria Stapley-Brown
February 24, 2017
‘Desert X’ Treats Arid Space as a Rich Canvas, Jori Finkel, The New York Times
February 23, 2017
Desert X aims to be the Coachella of the art world. Here's a sneak peek, Deborah Vankin, Los Angeles Times
December 16, 2016
Off Catalina, An Underwater Installation Aims to Raise Awareness of Our Dying Oceans, Maxwell Williams, KCET
January 20, 2017
Total immersion: Doug Aitken’s underwater world, Jonathan Griffin, Financial Times
December 12, 2016
Underwater Sculptures Welcome Divers Off the Coast of California, Cailey Rizzo, Travel + Leisure
December 7, 2016
Diving Into Artist Doug Aitken’s Underwater Universe Off the Coast of California, Gillian Sagansky, W Magazine
December 7, 2016
Explore A Giant Underwater Installation Off The California Coast, Jack Stewart, Wired
November 19, 2016
Move Over, Neptune. Doug Aitken Has Another Big Idea. Jori Finkel, The New York Times
September 14, 2016
Doug Aitken: turning perversity into an art form, Jordan Riefe, The Guardian
September 8, 2016
Doug Aitken Plans Underwater Art Installation, Jori Finkel, The New York Times
September 2016
Preview "Doug Aitken: Electric Earth", Andrew Berardini, Artforum
August 31, 2016
It’s Colossal! It’s Stupendous! It’s Doug Aitken!, Ken Johnson, The New York Times
August 26, 2016
Sneak peek: Doug Aitken's 'Electric Earth' will shake the MOCA landscape, Deborah Vankin, Los Angeles Times
August 22, 2016
Watch a preview clip of Doug Aitken's big upcoming MOCA show, Brittany Martin, Time Out Los Angeles
August 22, 2016
10 Fall Museum Shows to Get Excited About Around the US, Ben Davis, Artnet News
June 27, 2016
MOCA announces Doug Aitken exhibition for fall, Deborah Vankin, Los Angeles Times
June 14, 2016
The Next Art Frontier? Doug Aitken Takes On the Sky, Fan Zhong, W Magazine