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December 7, 2022
The playground project, The Financial Times, Chloë Ashby
October 31, 2019
From Frank Lloyd Wright’s Toys to the Barbie Liberation Organization – What Does it Mean to ‘Play Well’? Hettie Judah, Frieze
July 27, 2019
Art in Focus – Eva Rothschild with her work Amphi, Aidan Dunne, The Irish Times
May 15, 2019
Meet the women taking centre stage at the Venice Biennale in 2019, Hettie Judah, Vogue Australia
May 12, 2019
10 Female Artists Shoring Up The Venice Biennale, Louise Long, British Vogue
May, 2019
DOUBLE VISION: Ralph Rugoff talks with Daniel Birnbaum about the 58th Venice Biennale, Artforum
May 9, 2019
'I used to be afraid of colour!' Eva Rothschild, Ireland's dockside voice in Venice, Hettie Judah, The Guardian
May 9, 2019
‘Pressure and stress are viewed in a negative way. But you have to put yourself under pressure’, Aidan Dunne, The Irish Times
May 8, 2019
The Calling - Eva Rothschild, Sophie Hastings, The Gentlewoman
May 8, 2019
Eva Rothschild thinks big for the Irish Pavilion in Venice, Harriet Lloyd-Smith, Wallpaper
May 6, 2019
A Buyer’s Guide to the Venice Biennale: What Collectors Need to Know About the (Technically) Noncommercial Event, Melanie Gerlis, artnet news
May 3, 2019
Artist Eva Rothschild: ‘The work is doing the thing that language can’t’, Rachel Spence, Financial Times
January 24, 2019
Eva Rothschild Unveils Her Vision For Venice Biennale Pavilion, Artlyst
November 2018
Corrupted Perfection: A conversation with Eva Rothschild, Ina Cole, Sculpture
September 20, 2018
Sculptures that contemplate social spaces, Stephanie Bunbury, The Sydney Morning Herald
September 2017
In Conversation: Eva Rothschild with Tom McGlynn