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303 Gallery is pleased to present our second exhibition of Jane and Louise Wilson.

“Star City” is a 4 channel video installation filmed inside a Russian space training center just outside of Moscow. In this new work, the Wilson sisters extend their exploration of power structures, along with the impact and illusions of the architecture within them. Highlighting two sides of the former Soviet Union, the advancements of space travel are depicted along side the worn, neglected physical spaces of a past era and a dense political history. The current installation is projected on two sets of corner screens suspended from the ceiling. This new configuration of free standing screens position the viewer in a more intimate relationship with the installation.


Also on view are large format photographs mounted on aluminum, depicting selected images from “Star City”. The still images allow the viewer to explore chosen elements of the project and actual sight. The artists were granted access to a highly secured secret environment, a world to which most of us have only a partial view.


Jane and Louise Wilson were educated at Goldsmith’s College in London where they now live and work. In 1999 Jane and Louise Wilson were short listed for the Turner prize. One-person shows include: The Serpentine Gallery, London (1999), Magasin 3, Stockholm (currently) and a forthcoming show at The Dallas Museum of Art.


Commissioned by The Bohen Foundation.