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'One Leading to Another' is based on a short-lived installation gallery run by the artist Peter Nadin in New York in 1978. Every two months a different artist would make work over the work left behind by the previous artist and, according to the announcement card, 'responded to the existing conditions and the space'. This led to a layering effect in which no single work remained unaffected by another. The artists that Nadin showed were Daniel Buren then Sean Scully, both of whom painted stripes on the wall, then Jane Reynolds who drilled peep holes in the wall through to the neighboring space in which Nadin was living, then a number of people lived in the space creating a duality of its function, then Peter Fend installed one of his iron-lung pieces and finally the gallery closed with a performance by Rhys Chatham, Nina Canal and Glenn Branca which, according to Nadin, was so loud it filled the space aurally.


For the show here two artists would be installing work each week, leading to a more rapid process of layering. The artists participating are Bob Gober, Peter Nadin, Kristin Oppenheim, Joyce Pensato, Jane Reynolds, Allen Ruppersberg, Rikrit Tiravanija, Peter Watson and Andrea Zittel.


February 8th - February 15th

Rikrit Tiravanija & Andrea Zittel


February 18th - February 22nd

Allen Ruppersberg & Kristin Oppenheim


February 25th - February 29th

Joyce Pensato & Bob Gober


March 3rd - March 7th

Peter Watson & Peter Nadin


March 10th - March 14th

Jane Reynolds