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In her upcoming exhibition Alex Bag presents an installation of video works. Her tapes, a series of skit-like episodes, equal parts of high drama, comedy, and performance explore the possibility of fictional identity that merges on the "real" or innate persona. A second series, shown concurrently with the first, features a collection of regenerated television images from the past ten years. There is no hierarchy present within this amassment, nor between the two series of tapes. Two monitors deliver their messages at identical pitches, blurring the author's presence through visual and aural entanglement.


The shows title refers to the first BOW WOW WOW single, written by Malcolm McLaren in 1980. Like many of their songs, "C30,C60,C90,Go" focuses on technology as autonomy, specifically about the joys of cassette pirating: instead of buying a new album, why not tape a friend's or better still, tape right off the radio? By collapsing this post-saux punk credo with postmodern appropriation, Alex Bag directs a television radiated autobiography, one of the infinite number of true-life stories, the result of amateur video piracy.


By showing her own authentic work simultaneously with a stream of images that have informed and barraged her, she maps out a secret history of media landmarks.