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303 Gallery is pleased to present Peacock Hill Houses, a project room exhibition by Jonathan Horowitz and Rob Pruitt, running in conjunction with Pruitt's exhibition, The Golden Hour.

In 2001, shortly after 9-11, Jonathan Horowitz and Rob Pruitt moved to a dilapidated Victorian house in Fleischmanns, NY and painted it black. Peacock Hill, as the house came to be known, became a local tourist attraction, landing on the front page of the New York Times home section and attracting visitors from near and far. Conceived of as a living, public sculpture, Peacock Hill was filled with artworks by the artists’ friends, and Horowitz and Pruitt hosted free performances and events which were open to the general public.  


In 2012, Horowitz and Pruitt made a series of Peacock Hill, commemorative, black doll house sculptures which were to be exhibited on Halloween day. Hurricane Sandy hit the weekend in 2012 that the houses were to be exhibited, and they have been in storage ever since. Peacock Hill Houses presents for the first time a selection of these doll house sculptures. Filled with curios and collectables from Peacock Hill, the houses display surreal tableaus that tell the story of a modern day Addams Family – a same sex couple and their eccentric friends, welcoming all to a black house on a hill.