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For the final stage of my exhibition, The Golden Hour, I'm proud to present works by Akira Horikawa and Kevin Stahl, who work behind the scenes in the studio and help bring my work to life. Horikawa is a remarkable draftsman – like Da Vinci, or a courtroom illustrator.  The bizarre scenarios that arise from his dark imagination are crafted with such authenticity that they feel plausible. Stahl’s work is uncanny for how he melds incongruous materials with his chosen themes. In this show, he sculpts floral arrangements representing love and condolence out of gloppy, iridescent, molten lead, turning the intangible into something earthbound. Together, Horikawa and Stahl deliver a congruent exhibition; a seemingly arbitrary combination yields a dialog between two colleagues worth listening to.


Rob Pruitt
Brooklyn, December 2023