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This autumn the Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art presents an exhibition by British, Turner Prize-nominated artists Jane and Louise Wilson (born 1967). Known for working with film, video and photography to explore the politics, architecture and technology of conflict, the artists frequently engage in research with academics and other specialists.

The exhibition includes a large-scale video installation, Undead Sun, and work specially created for this occasion. Undead Sun: We Put the World Before You examines the enormous impact of the First World War on society. At the core of the exhibition is a consideration of how so many of the technological and social products of that era continue to shape contemporary experience.

A new video scrutinises the relationship between the psychological and physical trauma of the First World War and advancements in technology. It looks at the development of early prosthetics, which were devised and employed in the 1910s to aid scars left by the conflict, and investigates the connection between these procedures and current facial imaging techniques and reconstructive surgery.


This exhibition forms the second stage in a three-part project. Commissioned by FVU, for IWM (Imperial War Museums), in partnership with MIMA, Middlesbrough and Wolverhampton Art Gallery. Supported using public funding by Arts Council England. With special thanks to Artliner.