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Internationally renowned Danish artist Jeppe Hein develops sculptures and installations reminiscent of Minimal Art with which he responds to the spatial and site-specific structures of exhibition locations. The relationship of the individual to his surroundings and the psychological reaction to spatial changes stand at the center of his works. With compositions that expand the realm of art taking it towards architecture he addresses the divides between spatial and societal situations such as inside and outside or private and public.


Born in 1974 the artist, who studied art at the Royal Danish Art Academy in Copenhagen and the Städel School of Fine Arts in Frankfurt/Main until 2003, sees his "art as a tool for communication and dialog".


This exhibition at Neues Museum, with its additive title 1 x Museum, 10 x Rooms, 11 x Works, Jeppe Hein offers a survey of his works to date. With a way of looking at things that is at once new and retrospective, this young Danish artist interlinks important earlier works with new, current ones in an exhibition architecture that is site-specific, comprehensive and leans towards virtual reality. As a result, this artist is, for the first time in Southern Germany, being honored with the type of extensive museum exhibition that his oeuvre has long since deserved.