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Katinka Bock’s sculptures, made of ceramic, stone, wood or metal, have deep links with the sites in which she exhibits, the architecture of the place that welcomes her, or even sometimes the cultural, historical or social context of a city.

When she first visits the place where she will exhibit, she “sounds out” the space, observing its shape, the interconnection of its rooms, the circulation of the building’s lighting and fluids, but also the way it integrates into a district or city, what use is made of it by the people who pass through or inhabit it. How it is “shaped” from the inside and outside.


In Sète, Katinka Bock explored the omnipresence of water. The sea on one side, the lake on the other, and the canals that structure the city: all of these deeply infuse its imagination and culture. The new film produced for the exhibition, made on Sète’s beaches and canals, consists of a montage of shots captured with her Super 8 camera, like a series of visual notes. The city is filmed from the canals, giving us the sensation that it is always being seen “from the edge”. This is a notion dear to the artist, whose sculptures materialise the question of the threshold, the limit, the distance between objects, between bodies and spaces. She also raises the question of what holds us together or separates us.