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Mike Nelson is known for his installations, which often take the form of extended labyrinths; immersive environments that involve the viewer. Lionheart, 1997 consists of found materials painstakingly collected from specific locations by the artist and assembled to create a fictional drifter’s camp, complete with skins, traps, darts, trophies and beer cans.


The work has been re-constructed by Nelson especially for this exhibition providing a rare opportunity to see an early work by the British artist, whose installations usually only exist for the time period of the exhibition they were made for.

Mike Nelson represented Britain at the Venice Biennale in 2011. Lionheart was purchased for the Gallery’s Permanent Collection in 2002 via the Contemporary Art Society Special Collection Scheme, an important seven-year collecting initiative (1998-2005), which enabled 15 regional museums to collect significant works by leading contemporary artists.