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Rodney Graham is a Canadian artist whose genre defying avant-garde experimentalism has confounded and thrilled audiences in museums and galleries all over the world. This major exhibition combines works in film and video with an extensive presentation of his photographic images.


Often a touchstone for other artists, his diverse practice encompasses many roles; painter, photographer, writer, philosopher, actor, psychologist and musician. Through his many guises he creates works brimming with references from art history, films and literature, invariably with a cyclical or roving narrative. With considerable humour, wit and intelligence, Graham continues to ask the question - what does it mean to consider yourself an artist today?


Spanning BALTIC’s two largest galleries, the exhibition will include several installations of film and video and a collection of works inspired by literature and reading, covering more than two decades. Developed in close collaboration with the artist, this exhibition also includes new works and a large selection of his signature immersive light-box photographs, including the group The Four Seasons. These striking, complex images document suspended moments in time, mostly involving a lone Graham in the style of another character assumed or taken from history.